Connect your raspberry without keyboard and monitor to internet

After googling various sources I found, there miss easy manual how to connect your raspberry to internet without so much difficulties. Here is the simple step guide.

1. Connect raspberry to your PC with normal or crossline ethernet cable

LAN settings

2. Set static IP address on your local Area Connection


EXAM 4.1 and Jenkins integration

This tutorial will describe how to integrate Jenkins with EXAM. As this is continous project, the tutorial will be extended contnously.

At first, it need be tried if EXAM runs from command line:

D:\>D:\EXAM_4_1\EXAM\EXAM.exe -data "C:\EXAM_4_1\userData\workspace" -configuration "C:\EXAM_4_1\userData\configuration" -e Tests_SUITE.xml -m start

Tests_SUITE.xml -m start  you get from EXAM/Export/Testrunner/Execution Files



Custom alert dialog, Android

In this tutorial is shown how to create a custom dialog in Android.

See following steps :

  1. Put code snipset to your code.
  2. Create xml custom layout

1. Put following part to a code where you want call custom dialog:

LayoutInflater layoutInflater = LayoutInflater.from(MainActivity.activity); View view = layoutInflater.inflate(R.layout.dialog, null); final AlertDialog alertD = new AlertDialog.Builder(MainActivity.activity,; //Put margin around edittext